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Journal of Biochemistry & Biotechnology is an open-access journal dedicating the research in the area of biochemistry & biotechnology. The journal is committing to the new developments in methodology and techniques which are important resources for the research community.

Our journal mainly focuses on updating and advancing biological science through our high-quality articles which include original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and technical reports which come under the scope of biochemistry and biotechnology.

Our editorial board members are the leading scientists & researchers around the globe and are Dean’s, reputed professors and head of the departments. 34 members are serving as editors and all are in the active panel. Even though we have been team up for two years but their support and encouragement will lead us and the authors for the successful involvement toward the scientific community.

Journal of Biochemistry & Biotechnology having visitors and accessed the journal pages for reading and collecting the information for their use. It also has a keen interest in profiling the affiliations and academic achievements of authors and editors and the number of clicks on their web page shows tremendous interest among the visitors.  Our reader base originates from both developing and developed nations. Sections of scientific literature especially the journal’s archive page has recorded the highest visibility and readership indicated that there exists a profound interest in our published content.

We are accepting submissions for the upcoming issue. Topics are Cancer, Metabolism & their disorders, Cell biology, Genetic engineering, Bioinformatics, Synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids and nanotechnology in crop science & treatment. Authors can submit their articles to our online system which helps to submit directly to the editorial management.

Articles will undergo a peer-review process by the reviewers with the help of the editorial team. After the continuous review, the manuscript will be accepted by the editor then it will be published on the journal website. The peer-review process will help the articles to enhance the quality of the content and current studies in the field of particular work. Publication of an article in our journal will increase the readership base and citation of the article. Any scholar or researcher will discuss their inquiries or questions with us directly.

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Journal of Biochemistry & Biotechnology