Biology and Medicine Case Reports is an emerging journal among the journals of biology and medicine. We would like to thank all the Editorial Board members for their constant support and service. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the researchers for their contribution to the journal.

Biology and Medicine Case Reports is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the rapid publication of high-quality case reports and scholarly comments on vast yet significant areas of Biology and Medicine. Biology and Medicine Case Reports is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes case reports in all areas of Biology and Medicines.

Biology and Medicine Case Reports aims to consider any original research articles, review articles, editorial, news, case reports, short communications, clinical briefs and advances, brief reports on clinical and laboratory observation, correspondence, images, problem-solving perspectives and new updates that expands the field of general biological and medical knowledge. The principal criterion for publication is the potential impact on patient care. It intends to promote the latest advances and developmental activities conducted in the expansive field of Biology and Medicine.

The wide scope of the journal emphases on contributing a great measure of scientific information related to the advances in Biology and Medicine towards better healthcare. The journal has a broad spectrum of Biological Sciences and medical sciences including but not limited to Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Oncology, Biomedicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Dermatoepidemiology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Sexology, Osteology, Kinesiology, Neuroscience, and other related fields.


To commemorate and celebrate the 3rd anniversary, we are delighted to announce a 30% discount on the article processing charges. Researchers can submit their work as original articles, review articles, short commentary, opinion articles, case reports, etc.


Google Analytics has revealed that readers are constantly accessing the website round the clock. Approximately 5695 visitors accessed the journal home page for various academic and research purposes. The geographical distribution of our readership is as follows: Asia 77.18%, Africa 3.21%, Europe 6.72%, America 11.57% and Others 1.3%. The citation metric of the journal revealed an upward trend over the past several years indicating that the journal content is not only read but is also utilized in respective research endeavors and explorations.


The journal has an archived resource of several issues from 2017. The journal’s author base is composed of eminent academicians, scientists and medical professionals from diverse geographical regions of the world. On an overall basis, the journal has been successful in the collation of quality research outcomes in biology and medicine and their wider propagation.


Biology and Medicine Case Reports is a constituent journal of Allied Academies. With the primary goal of distributing scientific understanding pertaining to various recent subjects, the Allied journals are helping the leading authors from all over the world to share and exchange their novel and path-breaking ideas to the world.


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