Electromicrobiology is a rapidly evolving multidisciplinary research area dealing with extracellular electron transport (ETC) in various microbes. Microorganisms from different environments have evolved the capacity for extracellular electron exchange, beyond the outer membrane and even through a periplasmic continuum in multicellular bacteria like cable bacteria. This capacity allows them to exchange electrons with one another and to exploit electron acceptors and donors that are distantly located or cannot pass the cell envelope.

This Research Topic will capture recent developments in electromicrobiology with particular interest to the diversity of electron transfer mechanisms and their implications in natural ecosystems. We invite authors to contribute with papers that address questions like:


- Which types of ETC has been identified so far?

- What are the underlying mechanisms and cellular structures involved in ETC?

- What are the implications of electromicrobiology on ecosystem functioning and biogeochemical processes?

- How could electromicrobiology shape sustainable production and future biotechnologies

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