Open Access Journals Gaining Broad Readership and High Impact : Allied Acadamics is Getting 25+ Million Readers


The Open Access publishing model has gained a momentum since a decade and received applause from all quarters of the scientific community. Allied Acadamics is glad to announce its achievement in reaching 25+ million readers, serving the academic and research community through its Open Access journals and Worldwide International conferences.

The publishing industry has been witnessing several technical and strategic changes over the years and Open Access publishing is one of the popular publication models that has received wider acknowledgement from the scientific community.

With its open access journals and  International Conferences across the globe, Allied academics is all set to provide open scientific information platforms, facilitating scientific knowledge sharing through the networked communities across the globe. As of now ALLIED academics is getting 25+ million readers to its journals and conferences.

Open Access publication is gaining popularity due to increased online connectivity as it could reach millions of readers within no time, facilitating archiving, indexing, data mining, retrieving, and rapid distribution of research information. Hence, quick dissemination of valuable scientific innovations and knowledge transfer is taking place across the globe.

Open access publishing is producing 1.4 million articles annually and increasing global employment in the publishing industry. The present observed annual growth of article publishing through the Open Access model is at a rate of 3% to 3.5% every year.

The number of researchers and authors trusting the Open Access publishing system is on the rise steadily by 3% each year and as many as 5.5 million authors are contributing through open access platforms now. No doubt, Open Access publication is going to remain as the most favorable publication model in the future as the subscription-based publishing and indexing sites are disappearing gradually with scholars and scientists getting relevant information sources from Open Access Journals.

ALLIED academics is one of the pioneering Open Access publishers to rely on this philosophy, which assessed the power of sophisticated web technologies and its impact on publishing in those initial days. Today’s modern world is progressively looking at the Open Access providers for scientific information as they are transparent in providing equal access to all, facilitating faster development of research and publication in science, technology, medicine and commerce.

ALLIED journals encourage well-researched original articles, reviews, case studies, commentaries, technical notes and short communication for publication. Our team of over 80,000 well-built editorial board comprising veteran and accomplished scholars, researchers and scientists strives hard to provide the necessary inputs to enrich the submitted manuscripts. We follow a thorough, single-blind peer review of the manuscripts to maintain the best publication standards.


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